Catherine Thomas, Assistant Sales Manager

Once Catherine Thomas heard the call of real estate, it became her theme song – a love theme, really, as the passion she has for her calling is clearly mutual.

Catherine grew up in Alice, Texas [pop. 19K], a fiercely independent middle child besotted with Bob Vila and This Old House. As a high-schooler, she was a whip-smart member of the academic decathlon team and the host of a closed-circuit TV show, Eye to Eye with Alice High. Studying psychology at The University of Texas at Austin, Catherine got a part-time job as a receptionist for a commercial real-estate development group, and that was it – she left school, earned her license as a real-estate agent, and the rest, as they say, is her-story.

Over the past 20+ years, Catherine has worked in Austin-area commercial real-estate development, residential real-estate appraisal, real-estate law, consultation, and on-site sales. She has been a sales record-setter in several arenas for highest price per square foot, including a single custom-condo sale of $2.1M, and independent sales totaling $38.5M over two years.

Today, Catherine provides her exhaustive real-estate expertise and concierge-level advocacy to clients at Brandon Miller Group – a firm she admired for years. Catherine thrives on BMG’s exhilarating pace, finds almost daily use for her earlier psychology education, and appreciates the opportunity to offer superior-quality product she believes in to clients she cares about.

A gluten-free foodie, obsessive planner, and tech-gadget addict, Catherine enjoys hanging out with her computer-programmer husband, their two daughters and their two goldendoodles. Catherine also has an understated-yet-robust romantic side, evident in her Hallmark Channel viewing habit.