Philip Curcuru, Director of Product Development & Marketing

Growing up in Oyster Bay, New York, Philip was a natural puzzle-solver and instinctive tinkerer; his mom jokes that a hammer was his security object. He just loved figuring out how things work.

Drawn to the arts, Philip played music – piano, guitar and bass – and went to the Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned his degree in printmaking and graphic design.

Philip began his career as a printing assistant and finishing artist for a couple of New York studios.

Then he and his wife moved to Austin, and Philip found work as an executive assistant at IBM. The job quickly transitioned into a graphics support position; Philip managed website content, created branding and other design work, and produced documentary videos for international offices.

Sidelining as a freelance designer, Philip was hired by Brandon Miller Group for a logo. The Millers recognized Philip’s potential, and Philip wanted to learn more about business; the match was made. Today, Philip is responsible for providing weekly updates to all BMG clients on sales, product development and marketing. So his daily work is ensuring everything is moving forward and nothing is falling through the cracks – he may be visiting a new site to brainstorm possible product, buyers and pricepoints; offering feedback to the architect or interior designer for next steps; or creating branding collateral for media efforts.

Philip spends his personal time with his artist wife and their young son, visiting local farms, hanging out at Guero's Oak Garden, and enjoying the outdoors.