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Lynn Miller, Founder & Principal

Lynn Miller brings instinctive design sensibilities, earned production expertise, and a strong family feeling to the Brandon Miller Group.

A first-generation Korean-American, Lynn grew up in Dallas. At home, Lynn’s mother and aunts nourished the family with wonderful, homecooked meals, and on weekends, Lynn accompanied her father on long drives into the country to look at land – potential parcels for real-estate deals.

Lynn graduated from Cornell University’s Hotel School – specializing in marketing and food & beverage – and moved to New York City. As food and beverage manager at the New York Palace Hotel, Lynn helped design and debut the hotel’s first restaurant under new ownership by the Sultan of Brunei, then supervised the dining room and wait staff to ensure five-star service.

Following a break at an advertising agency, Lynn returned to the NYC restaurant scene as the manager of Savoy, owned and operated by premier chef and food activist Peter Hoffman.  Lynn ran the dining room, bar and wait staff, as well as the restaurant’s special series and events.

In 2002, family commitment called Lynn back to Dallas to revive and run a 20-acre special event ranch facility that housed a 15 building Old Western Town; Lynn’s extraordinary efforts in re-design and re-organization paid off in $1M+ gross annual revenue upon its first year of busiess. In 2008, Lynn and her husband moved to Austin to raise their family, and in 2013, Lynn joined her husband in launching the Brandon Miller Group.

Today, Lynn serves as a sort of executive producer for the firm’s development consulting projects: she uses her experience in real estate, management, event planning, marketing, and design to bring a concept to life – “to bring soul to an idea.”

Lynn loves working side-by-side with her husband, Brandon, spending time with their two young daughters, and the particulars of making coffee – boiling the water, pouring it over the grounds, using the proper cup. She has a well-developed sense of the right thing to do, a sensitivity to texture in everyday items, and a not surprisingly massive collection of coffeemakers.