Chriss Coats-Gatz, Transaction Coordinator

Information management is Chriss Coats-Gatz’s superpower. Collecting it, organizing it, presenting it – databases and spreadsheets are her jam.

Chriss was born and raised in Waco, Texas, the oldest kid in a big, extended family. Encouraged to love nature and be active, Chriss spent her youth largely either exploring the outdoors or playing a variety of sports.

Chriss earned her radio-television-film degree at The University of Texas at Austin, then began to pursue a graduate degree in film at the University of Arizona. But when she discovered she wasn’t thriving and a friend told her about an opening at VH-1, Chriss moved to New York City, got the job, and spent the next 18 years as a research coordinator for the cable network.

Meanwhile, Chriss met her bride-to-be, Annemarie, and together they began investing in real estate, buying, selling and renovating many properties. When Annemarie began working with a new-construction developer in Brooklyn, Chriss sidelined for the team as a sales agent and administrative assistant.

Now back in Texas raising her own family, Chriss works part-time with Brandon Miller Group to execute sales contracts with impressive precision and perseverance. She loves working with Annemarie and keeping company with their two young daughters. An avid reader, Chriss enjoys spending time at, volunteering with and helping build libraries. She prefers Tex-Mex over authentic Mexican cuisine.