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Annemarie Coats-Gatz, On-Site Sales Manager

Whenever Annemarie Coats-Gatz offers you chocolate – and she likely will – accept it. You won’t be sorry.

Annemarie grew up on Long Island’s fairly rural north shore, riding bikes, playing tennis, hanging at the beach, cooking for her family and fine-tuning a solid work ethic. She earned her degree in international business and marketing at Washington, DC’s American University, then moved to London, where she worked in marketing briefly before deciding to cook professionally – first at a French restaurant, then as a private chef.

Back stateside, Annemarie continued to cook in French, Italian and organic Asian-Fusion restaurants, then relocated to New York City. She worked for gourmet retailer Dean & Deluca, cosmetics titan Estée Lauder, the World Bank and a dot-com firm, as well as doing men’s sweaters product development for Ralph Lauren [she knits]. In-between, Annemarie spent some time teaching as a Montessori-certified educator and renovating a house in the south of France.

Ever-interested in property, Annemarie began her real-estate career with an agent specializing in new construction in Brooklyn. When she and her family moved to Austin, a mutual friend introduced Annemarie to Brandon Miller, and they hit it off. Annemarie joined BMG, and delights in finding ways to connect with people and match them to the right home – and the right chocolate.

Annemarie loves working with and cooking for her wife, Chriss, as well as the couple’s two young daughters. The Coats-Gatz family spends their time together learning, creating and contributing, with lots of outdoor hours and very little screen time.